[CLOSED] Hi, i am opening a new Sunken shop!

I am trading my sunkens and also my boss drops!

here is what i have!


1 clean lvl 60 sunken sword
1 hard lvl 70 sunken sword

1 bursting lvl 90 sunken helm
1 swift lvl 90 sunken helm

1 keen lvl 90 sunken chest
1 clean lvl 50 sunken chest

1 keen lvl 90 sunken boots
1 strong lvl 80 sunken boots

Exiled weapons!

1 sturdy lvl 90 WOJ

Exiled Drops!

1 strong lvl 90 exiled helm

1 clean lvl 60 exiled chest

Minotaur Weapons!

2 clean lvl 80 mino axe
1 clean lvl 60 mino axe

Minotaur Drops!

2 clean lvl 90 mino helm
1 clean lvl 50 mino helm

1 clean lvl 90 mino chest

1 clean lvl 90 mino legs

This is all possible to @Calico_cat! he gave me his roblox account
comment down below what you want, and what you will give!
I am also looking for some more boss drops or sunkens so also don’t be afraid to comment what your selling and ill make you a deal!

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Hey. I wanna offer for your clean sunken sword. I got a swift sunken sword, heavy woj, clean oath, swift vastira, other boss drops, gold and amulets. If you wanna negotiate hmu at Awesomesausage37#2341. Have a good day :+1:

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hello @Awesomesausage37! thank you for commenting. not sure if this is a good offer so can you please add some more items?

I would also like to offer on your sunken swords dm me @ reqiume#3662

thank you for your imput! @Req since lots of people already might want my sunken sword i might as well auction it!

I Am currently going to auction the sunken sword so tell me your offers and I will pick the best one!
Don’t be afraid to comment anything!

Also since I am trading this item I want want you to upgrade it so i have upgraded it to lvl 70 so you can use the ability!

Damn this lad is good | I approve

Hmmmmm wait…

Clean Vastaira (80) for any sunken helmet?

@Odogus that is a good offer but if you dont mind, can you please add
thank you

This seems a little inconspicuous…

Minotaur helmet too?

Can i offer a clean oath and a vastira for something?
Or my heavy woj. Also what do i need to add for the sunken sword

hello @Drama thank you for your input but why is this suspicious?
thank you

Please reply

eh, probably my lingering imagination.

Anyways, I’m willing to buy ur boss drops xd

@Awesomesausage37 I am looking for some sunkens at the moment but i will keep you in mind!
thank you

what are you willing to give for them @Drama? name your price.
thank you

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I got a swoft sunkennsword and adds i think im overpaying for it. I was giving a swift sunken sword, clean oath, heavy woj, vastira, boss drops, gold and amulets for just a clean sunken.

If it was strong id understand but its not