[CLOSED, Issue solved]

[CLOSED, Issue solved]
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While I was pvping, I realized that the hero-hero PvP was added from the trello which completed sealed a hero and a hero rep to pvp whatsoever.

I was gonna pvp somebody at places such as Munera Garden, however I was blocked with the “Hero reputation PvP disabled” notification even when I was in a party with friendly fire on.

This has also occurred with two other hero users who wanted to 1v1 but the same result has happened, the two heroes could 1v1 whatsever and could only 1v1 me, a villain rep.

If such restrictions are added, I only wish that this also came along with a toggle to enable hero-hero pvp to yourself and if the other user has enabled hero-hero pvp, after-all it just restricts builds that have hero reputation and those who want to pvp eachother with it

You could say “Oh flare, just go reset your renown dummy!”, but it still restricts others from pvping or maybe if you’re tryna run up hero-reputation for benefits only to get locked outta pvp as well which you are a pvper.

This also goes for the same as the grand navy

if you cant fight at munera or with ff on, its bugged

Doesn’t work on outside ranges as well even with friendlly fire



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