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8k galleons (+8k stored in clan bank)

x1 siren bow
x1 poison tooth dagger
most boss drops, excluding triastra

x2 pulsar
x2 surge
x1 tempered
x1 dense

x1 theurgist cloak / x1 robes / x1 pants / x0 hat
atlantean arcsphere

ship parts
warship archaic sailcloth
x2 clean archaic sailcloth

x48 coppershroom

lf: powerful, armored

  1. Marketplace , this place is to discuss, not trade
  2. Man idk about others but wouldnt give brisk even for half of your offer total. Might have better chances getting one yourself

oh yeah i got the topics mixed up. it’s fixed

is it a default arcsphere?

I have brisk

I take 1 warship archaic sailcloth and 24 coppershrooms for 1 scroll

oh yeah i forgot to edit the post because i already got what i wanted, also that’s a bad offer sorry


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