Collecting every item variant in Arcane Odyssey (Day 1)

I’ve come to accept that I am awful at PvP. After accepting that hard truth, I tried to think of ways I could stand out, put my name out there, have at least some kind of accomplishment that i could call my own. Then, it hit me. I am going to collect every item in arcane odyssey (with limitations, I’ll get to that later) that I can possibly get.

Items I will be getting:

  • Catalysts
  • Reagants
  • Seasonals
  • Color Variations of Clothes and Sails
  • Weapons
  • Tools
  • Gems
  • Uncooked Foods
  • Useless Items (old boot, old can, magius relic, etc.)
  • Sunken Items
  • Every Arcsphere and Lesser Arcanium Cannon/Ram Variation

Items I won’t be getting:

  • Fish (Time limit makes it nearly impossible to get every fresh variant of fish in one place)
  • Potions (Too many variations)
  • Treasure Charts (Doesn’t save)
  • Sea Charts (Doesn’t save)
  • Jewels (Too many variations)
  • Titles (Literally impossible)
  • Enchanted Variants (I estimate this would raise the amount of items I would need to well over 100k, and that’s a low estimate, it could be in the millions. Either way, no thank you!)
  • Deckhands (Too many variations)

Progress: Day 1

(just doing this so i can log my progress and once i get started prove that ive actually done this, i know its a long read so if u wanna skip idc)

Without a way to track what I have and do not have, this task will be impossible. Thus, I am currently working on the designs for a database I am going to make to track everything. I don’t mean like a silly little excel sheet. I’m making a full-on database in access, complete with a main menu, search bar, etc… I’m hoping this journey also helps me understand trade values a little better, as I’m a bit stupid and don’t know the value of much of anything.

I also want to write a little c# program that calculates what percent of items I have out of every possible variant. If I had to guess, that number is currently around 20%. Even before this, I chest farmed a lot in both WoM and AO, so I do have some items that I either have close to or every variant of. I’m expecting dyers and traveling merchants are going to be my best friend, but they’re kinda unreliable, so we’ll see. Funny thing, I actually did something similar to this in WoM, but on a smaller scale. Back before travelling merchants (and sunken) were a thing, I wanted to get every green variant of every item. I actually did it (with an insane amount of chest farming), and was well on my way to getting every red variant until the funny sunken update dropped and I gave up after seeing the drop rate of sunken armor. Hopefully I’ll be able to trade for sunken or get lucky enough (with help from luck pots) to get it in under 10k fish.

My real concern is the seasonals (esp headless, I’m nowhere near rich enough to trade for it, nor am I savvy enough to try to underpay for one) and the variants of arcsphere, lesser arcanium cannon, and lesser arcanium ram. All I know is that the former is super valuable, and the latter 3 are capped at 2 variants per player (not factoring in stat resets, thus how I have 3 variants of the ram) without trading. Seriously regretting giving away my crystal arcsphere to a friend rn. While writing this, I also realized that magics have different variants, and the arcanium reflects that. I actually think headless will be easier to obtain than all those.

My current plan is to make a mage file, get the first two variants I need, get the arcsphere, ram, and cannons, stat reset, get another variant, trade over, rinse repeat. Probably an easier way to do it, but I am not rich enough to trade for all of those reliably (the goal is also to gain every item, no matter how useless, not give them away). I’m actually thinking getting boss drop variants wont be too bad with or without luck pots, as my history with getting Carina drops is that I get one every time I accidentally aggro her, and Elius is literally a three shot. I actually had more trouble getting a frost brigand chestplate than I did getting the entirety of Cernyx and greenwish cultists drops (200 f***ing bandits died to give me that chestplate, and I had to resort to a luck potion. I then proceeded to get Iris’ drop first try).

I get that most people probably don’t care about this at all, but I want some way to document my progress and that I was (probably) the first to achieve this task. I don’t intend on giving up, and I wont be surprised if the dark sea adds a ton more items for me to have to scrounge around for (Vetex please no more 1/2000 items). With that, I’m going to start working on that database today, and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

(edited for readabilty as i just kinda vomited words out into one long string. funny thing, thats also how i code)

i aint reading allat

Good luck :saluting_face:

Looks like I beat you to it
GL tho

Lemme know if u wanna offer for any specific seasonals I got some

what was ur strategy for getting them? even if it isn’t every variation (unless i read ur reaction wrong, thats still really impressive.

i have some farming to do to even be able to trade for seasonals, but i might hit u up on that someday :slight_smile:

i have every single one, i uh…
i grinded like hell. files and files of hell(like 9 only)

i mean like every item variation period not just arcsphere, it turns out the rams and arcsphere are going to be easier than i expected (still impressive, ur probably pretty savvy at trading lol, also sounds like u did my strategy of leveling up files and transferring the goods over). meanwhile, headless is worth 300 calvus pieces fml

gl man, with spheres(and cannons and rams)… i think element variation is enough.
omg my sanity… i fear for yours.

I wonder where you heard about this

Alr. I have a hallowed I, hallowed II, pumpkin fedora, skeleton hat, candy corn beanie, shoulder crow, and like all the easter seasonals.

I’m worried for your sanity but hopefully this goes well.

Also you can’t get magius relics, those are untradable.

Easier ways to stand out:

  • Making a useful info doc, similar to meta’s guide to the elements. It could have important info that the wiki doesn’t show, like fighting style stats, or the formulas for agility/intensity/attack size/attack speed (which might be found out through testing), or the formula for damage
  • Art
  • Good suggestions. On the forum, the all time top suggestions have comparable views to some of the all time top art topics

easier, maybe, but i’m good at none of that. this is also just a personal thing that i’m documenting to prove i’m not lying about it when i actually accomplish it lol.

i’m going to count me having a magius relic on one of my characters as having it.

Why do you hurt yourself?

masochism, and because doing something like art or being good at pvp is too talent-based to actually be something i could do. believe it or not, i actually find 100% completing games fun, and this is no exception. besides, it forces me to write something every day so thats nice

You don’t need talent to be good at PVP. Just look at me! I played WOM for like 2 years or something, and in all my time fighting I never actually gave up. I played WOM for PVP only with 10-15 FPS(this isn’t an exaggeration, ask anyone that’s fought me in WOM)(that might be kinda hard tho)

Then in AO I’m going with 15-20 FPS, but my ping has been getting worse since the latest update. 200 ping average from 130-150. Just work hard and you can get good. If you’re talentless, then I want you to read this webtoon:

Read it. It’ll change your outlook on life(no seriously though)

i used to be a decent wom pvper, and now im just too stubborn to give up mage or accept i cant aim at all and i was carried by shadow in wom. either way, not giving up even if dark sea comes out before i finish

go conjuror, it’ll be good for you