Comfort (9 characters)

Rahhh I haven’t been drawing Mei much at all

Anyways I must begin working on something for April Fools


She looks so kissable can I kiss her

yeah sure a smooch on the cheek will do

Kissed the screen my god I am so lonely

dear oh dear she’s cute

THE grin?! THEY grin!!! Very happy art!

she looks adorable, great art.

Mei stop being cute challenge (impossible)

The biggest smiles come with the biggest hearts


Is she a pirate?

god im so lonely

no really, the hat is a gift that she holds very dear thats all

some of you are getting too comfortable on this site

I was going to say, she looks waay too nice to be a pirate

I was slipping

Haha same wannya be wonyewy togethew cries of c-couwse kidding sus kidding amogu haha unwess???

Can we make Freddy kiss a hollow purple

9 characters? I only see one