Comment and I will relate an AO character to you

Huh. I usually only carry weapons for drip.

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Class: Thermo Warlord
Weapons: Kai Saber, Ravenna War Shield, Silent Blades
Pvp wise is a defensive and aggressive even usage of both fs and weapons
This is probably going to be General Argos

i carry weapons to free prisoners/stop executions

Yes, hello.

File name: Corrina Anchor
Magics: Wind and snow
Doesn’t use fs or weapons.

I’ll show her appearance and tell about her personality when I get rated.

This topic was born to fail.


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Arish Vista

Why? I mean I kinda see why, but I’m approaching 100 messages in this topic so :person_shrugging:

Pretty energetic and clumsy but she always ends up being either adorable or annoying to her brother in some way or another.

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