Comment and I'll Compliment you 2: Electric Giraffe

Sequel to Comment and I’ll compliment you

(only 1 compliment per person)



you’re so wonderful that i could shower you in the compliments but then i wouldn’t have any for the rest

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seeing you here made my day

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Life is complicated

thankfully we have you to easen our minds off it

egg salads



I will throw a monkey at you in a very mean way

with a flavor of @ThatAsianInTheCorner and you have the highest rated meal in the world

i dont think the monkey would let go of you but it cant be blamed, i cant think of anyone who would wanna let go of you either

i’m preserving my skin as jerky to replace monosodium glutamate

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you can’t just keep all that quality to yourself


today i learnt

  1. the word salutations
  2. @devo is beautiful

You’re breathtaking. (why are you so good at coming up with compliments)

very kind of you, have a nice day

I am? Well you’re hearttaking then!

(to answer your question, i got good from complimenting people i love)
(aka i love u all)

I’d eat a giraffe, so what? My dad is one. He’s got a long neck, brown spots and yellow thing, he’s big and skinny. He’s a literal giraffe, I’d eat him