Community Appreciation Thread (In the midst of chaos)

We all know that the Nimbus update wasn’t exactly ideal. That aside, the community really seems to have come together in these times more than ever I would say. Whether it would be warning others or donating to those in need, I would like to take some time to reflect a few of my experiences so far.

My experiences

I lost my tempered scmitars of storm (ik its not AS valuable as a sunken staff but still) some kind soul was gonna trade it to me but after hearing I lost the tempered scroll in a wipe he decided to give it for free.
This is a common trend ive noticed in the midst of the wipe, just the community generally being generous to others.

As well as this the bugs cannot go unnoticed. I had a very unique encounter today that really warmed my heart and even made me feel really generous as well.

I was going on an expedition in the dark sea when I unfortunately died to an atlantean. When I respawned it was back in the dark sea like right next to where I died

As you can see in the image, I was unable to respawn my boat meaning my chests and stuff were basically gone. After a while of wandering around and crossing islands that had generated nearby I found a single brig on a nearby island that was sailing nearby. I sent a party invite which the dude who owned the boat accepted. Despite him being very confused (like me), he just decided to roll with it
Off we went and I fixed his boat while he was sailing. On the way he told me that he was sad he couldn’t find an acrimony so when we got back I donated him a free interchange in exchange for saving my life and letting me have some of the dark sealeds we collected

TLDR; A kind soul gives me a free tempered because I lost it due to the wipe and another samaritan saved my life in the middle of the dark sea due to a bug and I decided to pay it forward

You don’t even have to read my story if you want to because this is a community appreciation post, share your wholesome memories in the replies so we can share some warmth in these trying times



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Recently I’ve had a few decent folks join me while I was fishing and we’d have some nice peaceful conversations about random stuff. It’s good to see people who are willing to chill and be friendly instead of attacking on sight for a change


this random mage and myself were duoing captain maria, i had my sunken sword and was using it. they were like “Oh! yours didnt get wiped!” i told them that when i unequip it it will get wiped, and they felt bad for me and gave me like 20k gals. i told them that i didnt want pity money, but they kept on doing so, so eventually i accepted
the guy was such a W

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I have two sides
I donate 20k to someone without a brig


I m1 someone to death

this is a really good idea of a post, I’ve had a lot of people help me during this difficult times and I’m forever grateful to those who spread kindness to randoms in Arcane Odyssey. Aside from the weapon wipe, I’m really confused on how such little content, a good amount of bugs, some game breaking, and a good amount of things that were over scaled happened this quickly in a full time 6 month period. Even though there’s chaos, I think being concerned about the games current state is so important. We as a community need to keep helping appreciating each other and helping each other out because this game and this community are 2 really good things… I don’t want to lose them. To all who have helped randoms (including myself) thank you

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Boosting so we can share more wholesome moments

someone gave me a vindi, didn’t need it cause it was one of the few weapons I had that didn’t get wiped, but I appreciated it nonetheless.

this is one of my recent experiences i had but here we go
i was fishing on a specific pond in sameria after a late realization that my son, dense sunken sword, has been affected by the wipe. i basically made it my home (for the time being) and pushed for my first pity

usually, i’d disconnect every so often to find fresh servers and fish on the same pond everytime. on one of them i was making my way there until i saw a shadow mage with a sunken sword equipped. of course i had to initiate the conversation with the wiping topic, because i try and talk to random users doing stuff every so often

turns out we both got our sons slain and that they have decided to switch to a mage. we decided to chill at the pond and have several conversations about the game and random stuff. chillest AO player ive ever met. sadly i disconnected halfway so we didn’t finish the last topic. this interaction unironically makes me want to just seek random people out and chill with them

and for anyone asking yes i did eventually get a 2nd sword from diving so my son is back

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@Flare gave me Elius swords for free! Very nice :+1:

awh :frowning: sorry u didnt get your sword back but at least u guys were able to bond over shared loss
losing our weapons really does feel like we are losing a part of our family lol I dont know what id do if I lost my stormcaller

it was about how the community isn’t very good

right but that isnt the purpose of this post :skull:

classic opticalcord moment

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