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Apolo Rust:

Name: The_Legend_7.0/Apolo Rust
Magic: Explosion, Art of Infinity, Manipulation Magic (gravity slam, summoning etc)
Reputation: Legendary Hero
Personality: Calm boi, strong, reserved, chill and good at hiding, likes talking with others tho

I suggest making a discord server for this


On discord

What’s the link?

No I’m saying you should make one

Oh ok

Although I do have a spare WoM RP sever you can use @Kxks

Check me message

I got one on the ready too! Just customizing

I could help around

My disc is devo#8128

are we gonna move to a discord server or stay here?

I think it’s better to keep it here

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might join it, so heres my character.
Aitami Calding
:water_magic_var3: Water
:snow_magic: Snow
:wind_magic_var1: Wind
:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: Storm
:lightning_magic_var1: Aether Lightning
A light-skinned guy with long blue hair. He wears a Black Wizard Hat, a Grey Merchant’s Coat, and a decorative rose-themed band.
Aitami is an explorer at heart and is a very calm person. Along his travels, he has unlocked his magic potential and is quite powerful. People often mistake him for being weak and have lost their lives because of it.
Aitami is a nice person, with good morals… usually.
Aitami’s goal is to travel throughout the land and… Oh wait, we forgot to mention he’s the 3rd leader of the Roselight Guardians.

Ian Water, Magic: Poison (Toxin), 5’9, Selfless, Likes testing His magic abilities, oddly calm all the time even when stressed :D, Positive 1,600