Compared to pure builds like mage warlord etc are hybrids good?

i feel like my conjurer build isn’t really that good compared to pure builds.

hybrid builds are underpowered compared to pure builds

idk if its just me or not but we don’t deal any dmg

conjuror is meta


pure builds better

I’m gonna go warrior and see how it goes, but I have 89 power and deal 170 dmg with a kai sabre Q

At this point in early access i think pure builds have the edge in terms of skill strength instead of variety, since only pure builds get the rare spell/technique/weapon due to the stat requirements. Also that if you play a pure build, you get better at that playstyle and you dont have to switch the entire thing up depending on what you are holding.

I’m going warrior. With conjuror, my playstyle is high risk low return, but with warrior I might be able to do much better.

Warrior is probably better for now with the current level cap, as you can use a better variety of skills at a lower level than with a hybrid

hybrid builds are better

Tho in pvp with conjurer, mage managed to score 11-4.
And Conjurer was into pvp unlike mage

i’ve played conjurer to level 75 and warrior to level 51 and the warrior progression is much smoother but idk about better

your time as a weapons user can be much harder or much easier depending on what weapons you do or don’t get

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It depends on how well your build synergizes with your second choice.

For example, I’m running a warlock build.
Ash Magic with Thermofist.
Ash Magic pertrifies if the target is burning, Thermofist deals burn.
Ascended Warlocks imbue my fighting style with magic.
Meaning I deal petrification on a standard M1
Pertified enemies are easy prey to get in close and beatup.

It gets even crazier with my savant build.
Ice magic, sailors fist and iron.

Sailors fist deals soaked, Ice freezes soaked, metal bashes the frozen for 500 damage.

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