(COMPLETE) Trading lvl 60 clean sunken armor torso thing for something, idk

uhh yeah uhh i trade lvl 60 clean sunken armort chestplate (looking for offerts)

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I’d move this to #marketplace , but since you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for I won’t for now. Maybe take a look in #marketplace:shops and see if there are any items you can make a reasonable trade for, then make your trade more official.

(Or don’t do that, I have very little knowledge of how trading works)

lvl 60 strong sunken boots, lvl 60 hard exiled armor, and lvl 70 hard vastira for it?

is vastira worth oathkeeper?

not 100% worth an oathkeeper but i could just put an oathkeeper in instead if you want


k, whats your roblox username? ill join you if youre in game

lemme get in game
my name is minolilo

i’'m in game

ill send you some crowns afterward so you can upgrade it

how do i close this thing¿

ill just ping a mod to close it


bruh why’d you give strong sunken boots and a hard exiled armor for this, isn’t that a tad bit overpay?

honestly i dont even know if it was an l or a w for me

Definitely an L short term (in WoM), but in AO where you get enchantment scrolls I’d say its fair ig

strong is slightly less valuable than clean so this was actually a pretty fair trade
you must be thinking of powerful which is way more valuable than clean ye

oh yeah bruh I am mb, then yeah ngl alright trade

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It’s fair.