Completed Characters Origins

“The Little Viking” Born in a barbaric surrounding, the boy immediately adapted to their traditions, hunting and killing for glory.
New Greek “Goddess”, Living life similar to Ancient Greek and bright as her people blessed with Light Magic.
The Courageous Western, Just like Western life, it comes exploding with events constantly with bank robbery, a gunslinging standoff, and horse racing. Bursting with energy all the time, blessed with Explosion Magic.
The Summerhold Twins, both Twins love literature reading and writing almost every time. Both born with Paper and Ink magic.
Within the Summerhold holds sets of Septuplets and all born with Crystal magic holding beautiful colors of Ruby , Sunstone , Citrine , Emerald , Sapphire , Amethyst , and Tourmaline.
In the Umber Keeps, Theres one girl that enjoys spending time outside with small rabbits
although seen as innocent but cursed with Ash Magic by her peers. There was one girl who always sat down at night and admire the Moon but Alalean travelers adopted her because of her beauty and they say she was blessed with the most beautiful magic they’ve never seen. Next thing they knew she was taken in by the Alalean travelers.
(I haven’t thought up a name for some of these characters I hope you guys can help me out with this)


Suggestion to name these characters:
The two dudes at Savarian (Malik and Ace).
Skylian (Enel).
Alaleans (Parents: Rich, Richa) (Kids: Golden, Rusty, RichJr).
Doomarian (Peter).
Canopian (Tarzan).
Vistarians (Mohhamed, Zack, Alex, James).
Snow Folk (Katara).
Keihatsu (Zuko).
Alvarian (Luffy, Sabo).
Old Sea Vikings (Hipcups).
New Greek (Arthemis).
Savyrian (Jimmy).
Castlian (???).

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