@Nuclearman7 this feels like a bad trade or r sunken just that low valued?

Personally wouldn’t do this at all

People r overvaluing seasonals way too much like I’m so confused rn

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damn that dude mustve had some charisma

It is a bad trade imo
Sunken helms are worth 2 seasonals (in the discord marketplace they go for 1 sometimes but thats dumb af). Halloweds are worth 2 seasonals

But tbf sunken helms dont really get you far while halloweds have way more demand so afhnd could get a good trade for that hallowed

I left the game for a few weeks and seasonals have risen in value too much

Fully agree

That’s why I refuse to trade for them unless it’s like some boss drops for a seasonal, you will never catch me trading a sunken or 3 calvus sets for 1 or 2 seasonals bro

I want to get some more but people overvalue them too much like you just can’t get a trade

U think this Easter event will curb its growth?

Mostly I traded like 3 halloweds for like 2 boots and 3 helmets, I know this trade is bad cause it’s meant to be bad to change into seasonals quickly before people start asking for 4 seasonals for their halloweds :skull:

ah alr that makes more sense now

prolly not

Ig we gotta wait till Halloween

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