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dark sea essentia increase in value or something?

what’s 7.5k x3 dawg. i know math is hard

Chill, I’m in full support of high essentia value (I got a collection of em)

mb. lowkey bummed out from the amount of powerful inflaters. had one decline a 10k overpay earlier :skull:

essentia is low in demand and is not 7.5k sorry it’s like 1 or 2k now i would say it’s high in quantity and demand is like 0

what is your source for this info. the valuelist (which i fucking despise btw) states that its currently on 7.5k per piece. so if its inaccurate why should i even bother believing that powerful is on 20k rn :fr:

(not outdated btw)

you said it yourself, and my source is just like instinct, think about it, after legendary fish got gutted, we aren’t having people needing them so urgently for their legendary scales, you’re probably gonna get the essentia you need by the time you get 5 legendary fish

u can literally use the same logic for anything.
“by the time u get the 5 legendary fish u would get the sunken warrior piece”
and yet u wouldn’t even think to apply that logic to it

as your senior just trust me on this, you can ask nuclearman if need be. and no you can’t use that logic for anything, i’m saying people don’t need it as much anymore because there aren’t legendary scales to use them with anymore so suddenly

The thing is, so many people value them at like 20k

:fr: :question:

that i can get by honestly

So can I. (Only by selling my powerful scrolls tho :nod: )

I love the essentia value increase so much

When did the trade complete?

mid way through the argument LOL

Then you won the arguement ig

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