Conjurer - Everything you need to know

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How to Become Conjurer

It’s quite simple actually, all you need to do is invest 40% or more into each stat of Weapons and Magic. By the time of your first awakening, it should look something like this:
50% in both - 120 Weapons 120 Magic
40% Magic 60% Weapons - 144 Weapons 96 Magic
60% Magic 40% Weapons - 144 Magic 96 Weapons
40% in both - 96 Weapons 96 Magic 52 Other stat
And the list goes on. To know when you’ve become the most based build in existence, your character menu should have a beautiful mint color for the build name.

Why Are These Points Important?

If you don’t put anything into weapons, you can’t chop, shoot, or crush people’s heads, and who wants that? Weapons can do any type of violence you desire. Go reckless with hammers and stuff, or skewer people with a rapier, the list goes on and on. As for Magic, why just stab, crush, or shoot people’s heads when you can add insult to injury with 3rd degree burns on their wounds. The possibilities are endless.

Conjurer Perks

With Magic and Weapons, you could do a ton of things.

  1. Arcanium Weapons
  2. Synergy Potential
  3. Fight Underwater with Magic stat invested due to Weapons
  4. Combos
  5. Tomfoolery


1st Awakening: Magic Weapon skills + Weapon Skill Scaling is based off of Weapon AND Magic

2nd Awakening: 2nd Magic

Full Possible Arsenal

  1. Arcanium Weapons
  2. Magic Weapon Skills
  3. Two Base Magics, one Lost/Ancient Magic
  4. Stronger Weapons
  5. Regular Weapons
  6. Tomfoolery Kit

Final Question

Are you based
  • I am Based (Conjurer)
  • I am kind of Based (Warrior)
  • I haven’t touched grass in 8 years (No Conjurer)

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I’m doing most hybrids except vit hybrids and also all pure builds(including warden)

Warlock still winning :sunglasses:

So true

:clap: conjurer :clap: winning :clap:

(but i must be paladin and warlock gang too to stay neutral)

i will be commiting small amounts of tomfoolery