Conjurer skill setup

Making a Glass conjurer, what skills should i have on its weapons? (and which weapons to begin with)

maybe an iron greatsword with tempest, whirlwind, flying slash, mountain wind? you could maybe swap out flying slash for flying phoenix if you have the stats

then use a regular sword/cutlass (whichever has better stats in your opinion) and put shining cycle, flying slash/flying phoenix (if you haven’t put fp on greatsword, or if you don’t have the stats use flying slash) whirlwind and flashstrike on it

then you can choose to use something like the stormbow for some longer ranged attacks and storm of arrows is pretty strong as well.
another good option could be a rifle
maybe a shield if you want to use shield throw badly

you can put rain of arrows and storm of arrows onto the stormbow at the same time if you want to

I thought you could only put 3 skills on average tier weapons like that

then you’d simply remove either mountain wind or whirlwind
whirlwind is just a shorter cooldown, smaller tempest, and mountain wind has kind of bad speed

Fair enough

Although, I normally don’t use tempest because it feels easy to punish sometimes, although its been a while since I pvp’d with it

My build is just
Sunken sword with flying slash, flash strike, rising tide, shining cycle
Spear with knocking blitz, piercing gale and polearm throw
Greatsword with flying slash, striking gale and whirlwind