Considering writing a Python script to play lobotomy corp music based on my insanity level

you know lobotomy corp trumpets? yeah what if based on my insanity I went from no trumpet to 1st then second and so on. mabey include the ItemAsylum Lobotomy corp remixes as like “1.5” and “2.5”

(watch as i get preemptively banned for smth like this :pensive:)

Wouldn’t this be kinda rude to whoever is behind the insanity-specific music (and Dark Sea music in general)?

@Tobi do you approve

There is music for differi g levels of insanity?

I don’t know, but there might be?

honestly this sounda kinda sick

what if you used both lob corp and lor trumpets

i.e. lvl 1 insanity would be lob corp’s 1st trumpet, then lor’s first, and so on

quickly assembling a playlist and lisitening what it sounds like as you progress the dark sea

i am gonna swap LOR 2nd warning and LB 2nd warning
since LB is much more “panicky”
and 3rd trumpet you get to hear the first few notes of before you die

and LOR 2nd trumpet is when you first reach the “far reaches” of the dark sea

so if you want the proposed order it would be

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I would have made the trumpets based on how much HP me and my ship has
but that would be a much more complex task

imagine a gamepass that allows you to change the audio ids of different themes

the roblox audio update in question:

this is like saying listening to music while your playing a game with a soundtrack is rude to whoever made the soundtrack :sob:

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for whom does the bell toll

3rd trumpet
if you hear the 3rd trumpet… because thats insanity 5…

There isn’t music for levels of insanity, actually, the dark sea is mostly just creepy ambiance aside from a few themes for certain encounters. :eye: Personally, I think if there was music all the time it could ruin the vibe. The music is mostly there to highlight the significance of certain encounters. :nod:

so like minecraft cave noises?