Controller Keybinds

Controller Keybinds
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So as we’ve just seen in development updates, a mouse and keyboard would be required to play AO on console. This is because of the complex keybinds that AO has. I have a solution, however.

Many games with vast amounts of moves tend to combine keybinds.
(Apex Legends with the Right + Left Bumper for Ultimate for example).

So here is my list of supposed Keybinds (You can use the controller diagram for reference)
Inventory Mechanics and Menus
Right and Left Bumper to cycle through hotbar slots
B to unequip any tool
View to open the in-game menus (Settings, Stats, Clan, Messages, Character Information)
View+B to quickly open the inventory and B again to close it
View + Menu to open the Map
Movement Mechanics
Left Stick Press to High Jump, hold longer for higher power.
Right stick drag to run
Right stick press to dodge
Right stick press + jump to dodge reflex.
Double jump near a wall to climb.
L Stick + Right stick press to Charge Energy.

Class Moves
Now for the hard part, magics, fstyles and weapons.

X to interact with your environment.
Y to block
R stick press to speed up or skip dialogue (once for speed up, twice for skip)

PvE and PVP Keybinds
Here is the hard part… Magic, Fstyle and Weapon moves.

Q - Left Trigger
E - Right Trigger
R - Left and Right Trigger
F - Dpad Up
V - Dpad Down
C - Dpad Right
X - Dpad Left
Z - Dpad Left + Right

I understand the needing a keyboard and mouse part but its incredibly inefficient. Most people have a console because they don’t have a PC. I don’t see many people going to walmart to get a keyboard and mouse just for one game.

If you could optimize these anymore or I forgot a keybind, lmk!
Also check out Vine style!

console players gonna quit before they even hit big ingame ngl


Thats most players ngl

Console players ain’t ever gonna be hitting the level 1 bandit :sob:

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I see them playing Overwatch doesnt stop em

ngl overwatch is console friendly, but if its like AO it’s prolly no where gonna be console friendly
unless they increase their controller sensitivity by 260

Whatever it takes for AO

only way controller players gonna be able to aim is if they used splatoon motion controls


you mean gyro?


I would love for controller support on AO (even though I’d never use it myself), but aiming with a stick would be like trying to play with a paddleball backwards. Turning is always so slow that it’s not worth it most of the time to play something like a FPS game with a controller.


it’s not impossible. buttttttt kinda weird and most people would just dismiss it (as most people do with gyro in general anyway)

i don’t get why people dismiss gyro, i honestly think it’s better for aiming than mouse and keyboard, if splatoon added mouse and keyboard compatibility for some reason i wouldn’t switch

maybe not, but I do see some people having a spare keyboard and mouse laying around somewhere, plus its not like every roblox console games aren’t gonna be playable with a mouse and keyboard so

the obligitory lock-on for console players:

sadly it can’t predict gg…
they done for fr…

i actually had a alternative controller scheme that I thinkg would be “ok”
basically you get to bind magic attacks to the triggers by pressing eg: left bumper (pulls up radial menue) then you flick the left stick to the option, press left/right trigger to bind it
so you can technically have 2 attacks ready at once (basically the same as binding the trigger to any of qerfzxc
this solves the “spell casting” problem
for jumping i was going to have A be normal jump and B be T-jump
right bumper to dash
the entire D-Pad is for menu nav. press middle for it to cycle focus between the “home bar” (where the inventory/shipyard buttons are), hotbar and tab screen
charge energy could right-stick. and yeah X to interact, Y to block
skipping dialog? just mash A

now i dont use the “middle 3” (view,menu,nexus) buttons
because iirc roblox reserves those for their own use

it definetly isn’t better than mouse and keyboard, can someone with gyro (especially with the control scheme of the video above) be better than people on mouse and keyboard? hell yeah, but generally m&kb is just better still

i think they can be equally as good, i just prefer gyro for aiming