Cooking tips and info thread

please put anything you know about cooking in this thread

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Fish provide recovery, Seasonings extend buff duration, fruits provide invigoration, and mushrooms provide energization, and the larger the fish, the more hunger it provides (pretty obv)

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sometimes, having a lot of the same ingredient in a dish can give diminishing returns. for example, a cooked white mushroom alone gives 14 but 4 white mushrooms gives a 30 hunger soup

you can make spaghetti with wheat and tomato. A secret from a master chef, given freely to all of you.

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i must find out how to make a cake

Until sweeteners like chocolate are added I doubt we will get any desert recipes.

the closest to a cake I’ve found would be a pie. Use pumpkins (or sky pumpkins) to make them

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adding sun caraway to a meal with insanity 1
lets you get insanity two. it can be found at sandfall island rarely
(you can get insanity 3 by eating this at akursius keep)

you can make spaghetti with just wheat iirc

throw a sky pumpkin or two in there for good meals

throughout the early game I just kept spamming mushroom and fruit in the pot

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