Cool brig corner

imageexample image
If you have a brig, what do you have in this corner?

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big chungus detected

5 swordfish (zoro mentality)

1 gold colossal squid nothing else

1 massive colossal squid, 3 turtles and a jellyfish.
also my picture says daycare for little kids

sleeper shark and 3 collosar squids

5 anglerfish

The first 5 fish I found.

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What the heck same?

A golden Arapaima and a golden Tuna.


squid, i have no funny image
but i have squid

anglerfishy family + cataclysm

Pictures of bikin- I mean big buffy men B)

I have a jellyfish only aquarium

I guess I just like jellyfishes

I have a colossal squid, a great white shark and a tuna planning to get a tiger shark and a swordfish for my aquarium

Pretty Basic i suppose, because i am not sure what images i could put in the frames.
Here we have:Piraiba nicknamed Bingus, a Swordfish, a Colossal Squid, and a Tuna.

I got a colossal squid, a giant eel, a swordfish, and a sleeper shark. think iā€™m gonna save the last slot for a basking shark (if I ever find one)