Cool Sunken Sword

Drew my main character, Sol Salore, performing the Sunken Sword skill Tidal Drive!


This is amazing art, it’s so good I want to like it TWICE. Good job!

he renamed the ability to Rising Tide
several hours after i finished my sunken iron set piece, now its unfixable and inaccurate
great work

i really like how clean and detailed everything looks and overall just
g o o d j o b .

It’s amazing :pensive: wish I could be skilled like that

Good drawing tbh, are you open to commisions or only draw for yourself?

As of now, I’m only making personal art.

It’s okay then, Sorry for bothering you.

I love how you drew the water effects! Looking at this reminded me of the art style used in Tower of God. Are you a fan of the comic/anime?

Nothing to worry about!

So… i got to ask… which enchant you got on that sunken iron piece?

Black desert online Phoenix sword advance reference

strong why

If that is seriously what it looks like… ;-;

yeah it nearly looks identical to the regular iron set :fr:
only way to tell the difference is that the sunken iron pieces are constantly dripping with water

OK! With that, when does vesteria rerelease? :rofl:

i dont get itd

Nevermind, haha :wave:

… bursting curse

20 characters