Coolest curse (excluding the grand fire curses this time)

I’ve asked about the grand fire cursed but never about overall curses. Please let me know and why you think so.

Lazarus curse the thought of you coming back to life and beating up your enemy is cool imagine your opponent kills you then the next day they see you again shocked and confused

gravity curse maybe

apparently it is an elemental curse ( according to Tech, anyway ) and even if it isnt you can still theoretically create literal black holes, soooo

thinking about my truck

my arch nemesis, whom i just killed yesterday, just threw a rock into my window

there are carvings on the rock, it say:

“i lived, bitch”


Idk there’s a lot of options, maybe the Tide Curse

I think curses like the light curse or shadow curse are cool ideas

Darkness Curse

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lazarus all the way

growth curse because free weed


You can find plenty of not cannon ones on our trelo

Idk maybe tide curse because being able to naturally repel seawater seems fascinating

growth is cool :3

energy curse YOU CAN KEEP GOING!!!

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(actually scratch that absorption winning)

The only cool curses are the External curses, everything else is boring as hell.
Of the external curses, I’d say the Growth and Lazarus curses are equally cool. Durza’s Absorption curse is just hacks, and Shockwave is boring. Gravity curse is pretty neat too.

Uhh, assuming that elemental curses are curses that allow the user to embody some element, then I don’t know how Vetex would go about having someone take on the form of Gravity. I know it technically involves “manipulating the element of Gravity”, but Growth Magic technically involves manipulating space and mass, but it gets counted as an external.

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in the aa universe the gravity element is a purple energy thing, thats probably what you would turn into

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ice curse is pretty cool.


quite literally. :ice_magic_var1: