Cosmos' Random, Knowledge-Wise Questions (1.2)

Would you rather have VL (Virtual Learning) for an entire school year or PL (Physical Learning) for an entire school year (and why)?
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Would you rather have to do VL (Virtual Learning) or PL (Physical Learning) until you get to college
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I don’t understand how people enjoy VL more than PL. I can barely focus during VL, I procrastinate way too much, it’s harder to learn subjects, and it always feels like I’m missing an assignment. PL on the other hand is a lot easier to focus, as you’re being forced to learn, subjects against your will making it a lot harder to procrastinate. Your teachers can properly teach their subject their teaching, and you’d be able to interact with your friends. I especially would not be able to do VL until college, I would just get mentally weak. How about you guys?

PL makes me feel human

Fr bro :fr:

I’ve got way too much homework for physical learning, For 3/5 days per week, I finish school at 5 pm and arrive at my apartment at around 5:30 pm, then there’s dinner and other things to do so that I’m ready at around 6:30 pm/7 pm.
That’s like about 3 h/5 h before I usually stop working because I have to sleep and all.
In average, 4 h to basically do the work we talked about from 8 am to 5 pm.
Because yeah, I barely have work to do at school anymore, it’s all homework. With virtual learning, I can stay at my apartment and use all the time I’ve got to work, while at school I got at best 1 h at specific periods where I don’t have any class and I lose a good 10-20 min to travel between rooms

On the other side, I have to agree that physical learning is a lot better to, well, learn. Yeah, I’m reaaaaaaaally distracted during virtual learning and I can’t deny it.

I’d rather learn all day than slack off all day

Not including the pandemic as a factor, generally I prefer PL over VL. Some to most are not used to VL but when you are in college or older, that is less of a rare thing due to jobs, family, preference.

VL you must be accountable for yourself (depending if it’s synchronous or asynchronous) which is why a lot of people would have a hard time.

Physical learning doesn’t make my eye hurt

PL because really like the people I go to school with. It would be a shame not to be able to see each other, and with VL and some other reasons it would be excessively hard for me to meet up with them.

Tbh the biggest advantage of VL is that I would have all perfect grades, guaranteed with almost 0 effort. Why? Well, reasons hehe…

PL actually involves social interaction with classmates
working in groups is not 5 minutes of silence

problem is most of my classes consist of 2-3 other people in person and everyone else online

legit yeah when we do VL i legit sit there and binge watch anime…

PL cause I don’t wanna sit on my bum all day

also it’s cool to see what random tools they have that you never knew existed

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I mean, as much as I love PL, there, I can’t slack off and make stupid image edits like this

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to post this thing

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i like video games but i need to l e a r n more efficiently

Virtual allows me more freedom, and I prefer to not interact with physical human beings

Ever since the virus nation attacked, I realized how thankful I really am for school. PL was gone and we had to get used to Zoom calls and VL. Near the end of summer break, I was actually really excited to experience PL for the first time in a while.