Could cursebeard beat durza in a 1v1?

So Cursebeard never really gets to fight Durza since he was massively injured by Poseidon and then got ambushed by Zeus. If he actually got a fair shot at Durza with no interference from either side, who would’ve won?

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Durza stands no chance in a fair 1v1


Cursebeard wins.

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yeah, cursebeard would’ve won if they did a fair 1v1

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If I remember correctly, to absorb someone’s curse, you have to drain all their energy. Cursebeard has the energy curse. There is a possibility that he is completely immune to the absorption curse.

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immune to the absorption curse, but durza still has like every mutation and at least 4 other curses

according to tech, he had like 1/4 of all curses ( and still lost to some hobo )

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that’s like at least 8 then

He lost to his own minion according to Peacekeeper’s revival.

cursebeard med diff

Even tho Durza revived PK, I dont think hes considered his minion since it was accidental and he had no control over him

lost to his own mistake :pensive:


some theories i saw said it was bc his men kept dying and then he had to kill them over and over and it was taking a toll on him as a person


but other wise he could never loose bc he never gets tired his power is incredible

if i was nearly 2000 years old and lived 90% of my life fighting and killing i wouldn’t mind but maybe cursebeard is different idk

Everything Cursebeard had built over the years was destroyed in an instant.

Durza also shared this moral decline, but unlike Cursebeard, he chose to become a kamikaze rather than just give up.


To be fair, nearly everything he’d worked on in his life was destroyed battling Durza’s army. He’d not only have to witness the death of his fellow comrades and friends, but he would be forced to kill them again.

Despite the vast amount of power Cursebeard has and how long he’s been around for, he’s still human. (or half human at least, i heard he was part vastus or something?)

This happened with Theos and he still stood on business(everything he loved destroyed)

Goatheos Vs. Fraudbeard

saw a cursebeard vs theos vid, they said theos would win…