Could Sunken Sword and Staff lose value?

if you strip the skills will it be of less value?

I don’t see why anyone would bother taking off Rising Tide and Fury of the Sea, unless they’re trying to scam someone, and in that case if vetex’s planned change goes through it’ll be obvious the weapon was modified cause it’ll have the owners name.

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pretty sure you can still press shift to see the abilities, also not very useful to remove them bec they can only be on one weapon

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special skills like fury of the sea,rising tide,and ethereal flash ext wont be able to be stripped probably

i think they can but no apply to others (incase for some reason you don’t want them)

You can’t take off those because they classify as special skills

Nope, I don’t think it works that way

he said you could take it off but its not put on others for more options

Okay, nevermind I’m dumb. Anyways, it depends on if the person want the skill or not. The “quality” of the weapon determines how many skills an item has so the sunken weapons should still be valuable.