Could the absorbtion curse absorb the dark sea?

This just popped into my head but, if the whole thing about the absorbtion curse is being able to absorb magic, couldnt it in theory absorb the magic pollution of the dark sea?

Yes, yes it can

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But the user must be especially powerful to absorb an amount THIS big. I guess no mortal can do it, the dark sea is way too large. It spans around all six War seas, has six long ass ranges, and we don’t even know where is the edge of range 6 thanks to unstable insanity that isn’t allowing the exploration

Well couldn’t they do it in seperate chunks? like each day they keep breaking it off slowly or something?

they could but that’d take forever, it’s the entire earth

How are you going to separate water into chunks? Its a liquid after all. Cleared chunks will just mix up with other seawater, so your efforts will have almost no effect

Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t curse users have pretty much have all the time in the world anyways?

yea but it’d still feel like forever

i didnt mean it like that :skull: i meant like each day they could absorb a portion of that energy, plus, if durza had that much magic, whats stopping someone like the peacekeeper?

Yes but Im pretty sure the entire humanity will go extinct before that curse user will finish

true, but, if they kept absorbing, it would loosen the grasp of the dark sea, meaning possible travel?

I mean if said curse user is so determined to absorb the whole dark sea I don’t see why he would care

I doubt the dark sea’s pollution is entirely made of durza’s magic energy. I suppose some kind of chain reaction took place

it mostly could though

Hey can someone insert a gif with a mf drinking the entire sea here?

durzasplosion → chaos see chaos going on → fucks up the rest of the world

didnt they also blow off a wholeass chunk of the world or am i delusional
they being durza

Ur talking about the epicenter? Prob

badlands chugs the dark sea

7 SEAS BREAKING NEWS: peacekeeper solves global warming by vacuuming 90% of the world away!

and water pollution lol