Counters to Mage Builds?

A lot of people have been saying mage is the meta, so what kind of build is the best for taking down mages specifically? If mages are the best at beating mages, then say that

Mages are pretty weak at close range (since they’ve only got self explosion, which has a good chunk of start/endlng)

Yeah, getting up in their faces usually works, so any dashing skills followed by quick attack skills are useful in taking them down

weapon skills

ah, mages, the ultimate zoner build.

Like a few have said before me, mages have very poor close quarters combat skills outside of snare (just a confusing shit move ngl) and self explosion (long start and end lag)

Now warriors get an advantage here because we can be useful in all ranges, I how hypothetically would deal with them is to apply some pressure with the poison tooth dagger as well as use if for getting as close as possible, and make sure they never get ANY breathing room.

I dont know this is drilled into everyone’s heads. Mages arent weak in close quarters, they have insane AoE and their DPS stays the same regardless. Try fighting an earth user spamming pulsar, blast and explosion. Getting close just makes it easier for them to land their large AoE.

ngl earth users start choking once you pressure them enough in close quarters combat, it’s all about putting stress on the opponent so they want to start running away.

This is when the rushdown playstyle comes super in handy. poison tooth dagger and the triasta are decent options for closing distance, though I would also say warriors could benefit from more mobility options.

(also you can just use a shield to parry explosions need be, pulsar is a little harder to deal with, but dodging exists for a reason)

Even if they run away all they have to do is jump/magic jump and aim at the ground and the large AoE will hit regardless if you are in their face. There is delay between using skills, switching weapons, and blocking back to back. You are getting hit regardless

kid named spiraling fury

sounds like skill issue

I dont understand why you are even typing lmao do u have a warrior slot?? Poison tooth dagger aoe is trash and uses your air mobility. Mage can use high magic jump, and a weaker magic jump right after in another keybind. Spamming blast/pulsar lets you easily air camp

yes :sunglasses:

okay and? just get good at aiming, also there’s this thing called bursting idk if you’ve heard of it.

Though I could try to argue that gun skills can be helpful in shooting upwards to hit air campers, I will say warriors could seriously benefit from getting better mobility options in the air, though that kinda just boils down to what weapons vetex is planning to add.

Bursting on a thrown objects is way worse. Also you are giving up power/other stats. Why invest in bursting when your awakening already gives appreciable AoE increase. Mages being “long range” fighters is not true in this game when they are just as strong in mid-close AoE spam


dagger isn’t your main damage source LMFAO??? it’s a pressure/mobility tool?

what is blud cooking bruh :sob:

bro mages legit have like 2 skills in close range and quite frankly both of them are mediocre (and also snare is so shit like I’ve never seen that move land even once)

Kid are your reading skills that abysmal? I already said snare and explosion dont have to be used, blast and pulsar are just as effective in close range. Hitting the ground while in your face will just give splash AoE everywhere. No one is getting bursting on warrior bro, weapon aura makes your katana flying slash already big enough

bro you calling me the kid, you said that mages are good for close range just as they are for zoning, watch yo tone lil’ bro

no the fuck they are not, do you know how hard it is to land a blast when someone is constantly zooming around you with moves like flash strike? pulsar is kinda braindead I’ll admit, but it’s not dealing catastrophic damage since it’s better as a long range tool.

Why is bro thinking I’m getting bursting on everything I just said dagger smh

Bro. Mages have easier time to go in the air you arent hitting them with flashstrike. High jump > Magic jump > weaker magic jump > aim their blast/pulsar at you from above. If they have height advantage the blast aoe is way easier to hit

okay well I can’t argue against that really besides saying spiraling fury + flash strike but warriors need better aerial tools :fr:

though this does prove my point that mages are noobs

How the hell has Bursting Aura not been mentioned a single time?
I’ve killed Carina by literally just standing next to her and blocking (a challenge by itself by how much she teleports around)
It does a ridiculous amount of damage for how easy it is to use - 112! damage per second as a magma build with like 60 power


Mage aura being pure buffs and free stats already strong as is when invested in common stuff like power. Same with focus. Ill try bursting but it will depend on the range it hits