Countless delays

how many years does this make? I think this might be the third year they’ve been delaying it :confetti_ball:

The announcement:
Hey, everyone. We are writing this announcement to sadly inform you all that CW’s release will have to be moved to 2024 . We genuinely believed we could deliver the game this year, but, with the infrastructure rewrite, we unfortunately will have to delay the game once again. This is a result of poor decision-making, scope creeping and lack of consistency, coordination and communication between the development team, and we fully take all responsibility for it. This was a massive mistake on our end, and we’re sorry for confirming CW’s release window prematurely . We understand this news can be very frustrating to most of you, and we are actively exploring ways to provide bonuses and special content to you all on the game’s release, as you have all been eagerly waiting for this game, and we have failed to provide multiple times. As part of the compensation for the wait, we’d like to show you all some exclusive progress on a boss planned to be added right after the release of CW: the Queen Bee . For those who have played the game in its very early stages of development, you might have heard about her before, but we can guarantee she will be very different from her old iteration when she is implemented. While we initially wanted to keep her as a “secret”, we believe now is the best time to reveal her. The Queen Bee has been fully remodeled and animated, take a look:

if a game isnt ready to come out then dont release it, simple

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ok but have you seen the progress they’ve made :sob:

they literally post 5 progress updates every year this game is NEVER coming out dawg

just wait more


Just like anime legends game is gonna come out in 100 years

I mean what do you expect from a game named Countless Worlds lol it will have countless delays


they HAVE to be releasing the entire game on release dawg they might actually be making countless worlds with how many delays we have gotten :sob:

Is it city skylines 2 feedback?

Delayed Worlds

Hear me out

Truly the GTA6 of Roblox. (Never heard of this game before)

ive waited for 7 years for a game to update, this aint anything

Bet someone will leak the game fr fr

yeah surely we will get it one day

what’s with that dumpster fire playing in the background

scythe is so ass bro i do not understand which idiot thought that kind of ability was good, you literally walk into attacks 99% of the time if you want to actually use it

they fucked up pumpking with this bullshit
you cant even profit off its lifesteal anymore cause of that LOL
it should of stayed as a flurry weapon like during the stress test

they even fucked up the bat wing cosmetic
changed it to a ugly ass brown thin ass wings instead of this