Crash Embodiment skill

yo embodiment?? why is not one talking about this
seems like a short transformation thing, i wonder if weapons might get anything similar (poor weapons users)

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weapons losing

They really are, since they have to be uniquely created and that causes quite the burnout

We haven’t seen boss weapons yet but it does seem like weapons have less to play around with than the other two routes

theyre missing high jumps and modes so thats to be expected

theyll probably be equal once they get weapon aura but idk how theyll get high jumps, i guess some of the next weapon skills will be mobility ones

remember that one trident move?

Well that’s a grab, it’s not the same as a high jump ability,l

haven’t heard much about the Crash skill, what is it?

pretty much a rush towards your opponent and depending on how you customize it, it can either knock up or slam down

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or left or right


Or just straight forward

I don’t think it’s like a short transformation, it seems to be the fighting style equivalent of magic’s shape option. I’m guessing that embodiments are referencing how different kung fu styles are modeled after animals. So maybe embodiments just change the animation so your character’s movements mimic that of certain animals, like snakes or wolves.

Modifies the attack, so if Vetex ever adds one like a cheetah it could travel farther and have a very short casting time, but do less damage and have minuscule AoE
And the embodiment for a snake could make the attack do more damage in less of an area

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I looked at the first fix again, and it says both phases.
Could that mean…… that the boss has only two phases like cernyx and Elius?

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“I don’t need three phases to put you under”

i think it is cause you are the projectile in the crash spell, so i think you transform and get surrounded by an aura shape of the animal in the duration of the spell.



Going to make a light warlock with dragonhead crash skill. Mwahahahaha


I can finally become a furry and use myself as a projectile :smiling_imp:


you dont have to become furry, please

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