Crew semi-automatically collecting sealed chests

Crew semi-automatically collecting sealed chests
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somewhat of a repost of a suggestion i made in balancecord; was meant in anticipation of the ship storage feature

  • when releasing underwater sealed chests to the surface, they are automatically placed into your ship storage, so long as they are within a distance

  • after sinking a ship, you can ask your quartermaster to have the crew loot the ship for you and place any sealed chests into storage

  • [might add more later]


you can now ask a quartermaster to play the game for you


I like it, would make diving spots and grinding ships a lot easier

yes this would make farming easier if it’s done faster then when you do it

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I couldbe with new attachment on the ship that works pasivelly on an area at its sides


Thats a very good suggestion, maybe Edward could go swimming and get it, he aready has a script for walking and swimming


good idea, may i add you could have an option for putting stuff on your deck in the storage and also buying cargo (set amount) or something?

the problem is, you can do these manually, and pretty quick too

‘you can now play the game as the quartermaster’

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sounds like a nice idea, but it might remove some meaning of the gameplay. Maybe some items you can give to deckhands will allow you to do stuff like this? that way it doesnt entirely remove that feature from the game.

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