Criminals aint attacking me

so, on my criminal berserk slot (which is in the assassin syndicate), the wanted criminal NPCs simply dont attack me, until i hit them (the first two i met, atleast)
is it because im an criminal? because im in the assassin syndicate? or am i such an menace all of a sudden?

good for you

blackwater criminals dont attack negative reps

wanted npcs dont attack me

not the blackwater ones

p sure they won’t attack unless you’re their rival

Nope, even if the NPC is your rival he won’t attack you unless you attack first, trust me, I was part of the Syndicate for like nearly all my gameplay

I trust you bro I just murked my rival every time I saw em on my files

nah criminals don’t attack assassins, they do attack other criminals tho

NPCs of your reputation type (Heroes and Navy for fame, Criminals and Syndicate for bounty) dont aggro onto you unless you hit them first, but for the fame ones you cant hit them to begin with

if you have negative rep criminal npcs still aggro on you normally, it’s probably being in the syndicate that prevents the criminals from aggroing

got a syndicate and a wanted slot, I can confirm criminals dont attack syndicate members but do other criminals

they sense a fraction of rb1 inside of your brain and so they dare not attack