Crimson Origins, chapter seven

Doom village, sometime in the afternoon.

“I’m sorry, but I only know that he went to Savaria after the incident. I can’t tell you anything else.” Roran said, taking a sip of doomgrape wine.

O’Leary sighed, “Nothing? So he just stabbed his superior in the back and ran off?!”

“Would you listen for once?! I told you, the admiral was gonna raze the village to the ground, your son stopped him. We thanked him and he went off to Savaria to find work as a bounty hunter or mercenary.” Roran sighed as he leaned back in his chair, “We owe your kid a lot. Our village would be a smoldering crater if not for him… A shame he met the fate that he did. Your best bet would be to follow the trail back to Savaria. He must’ve made an impact on someone there.”

“Thank you. I’ll do that.” The lieutenant said.

“No problem”

Sabura, 12:00 PM

Rorik shifted his cloak as he ate his stew. The group had decided to make a pitstop in Sabura before heading to the fourth sea to establish their organization.

“Stew’s pretty good” Kyra remarked as she took her last bite, “Anyways, I have some personal business to take care of here. I’ll meet you guys at the docks in three hours.”

She got up and walked out of the restaurant.

“Well… What should we do while we wait?” Mikhail asked.

“I was thinking of getting a better sword, this one is about 60% rust right now” Rorik said as he gestured to the cutlass on his belt, “I hear there’s a weapon shop in town, maybe we’ll find something there.”

Mikhail was about to answer when the bustling restaurant suddenly got eerily quiet. Rorik looked towards the door and saw the reason why.

An AG officer was standing in the doorway. He canned the room before making his way to the nearest table.

That table just so happened to be the one that the two were sitting at.

“Good evening gentlemen” The man said in an accent native to the fifth sea, “Could you tell me if you’ve seen either of these two people?’”

He held up a wanted poster that showed Kyra and Mikhail’s faces.

“I’m sorry sir, but we’ve not seen anyone looking like that around here recently.” Rorik answered in his best impression of a Saburan accent.

“Hm… That’s a shame. Bryce isn’t gonna be happy if these two slip from our grasp. They supposed-”

Everyone flinched as a huge boom sounded from the town square. While the officer was distracted, Rorik kicked out one of the man’s legs from under him and put him in a sleeper hold.

“Sorry 'bout this Jim, but I can’t let you or dad take my friends into custody.” He said.

Jim’s eyes widened as he realized who was speaking to him before falling unconscious. Rorik quickly got up and rushed towards the town square, motioning for Mikhail to follow.

There, they saw Kyra facing three AG members. All of which had swords drawn. Rorik drew two pistols as he rushed to fight alongside her, Mikhail called his magic to his fingertips and did the same.

“It’s over Kyra!” The lead officer said, “Stand down or- RORIK!?”

Rorik grimaced, “Hey, dad. Any chance you could let us go? We have some business to attend to.”

Bryce O’Leary looked his son in the eye, “Why? Why did you betray the AG? Nevermind, come with us, Rorik. We can fix this, it’s not too late to come back.”

“Justice… That’s what you and mom taught me to always uphold” Rorik said as he drew his cutlass, “…Even if it meant turning against the people you love.”

“…So you’ve chosen your path in life, eh?” Bryce asked.

Rorik nodded

Bryce drew his cutlass, the blade has a blueish sheen to it that slowly turned orange as he pushed his magic energy into the sword. Before long, the blade was wreathed in fire. “If you truly believe that what you’re doing is right… Then show me!” He roared as he charged towards Rorik.

Rorik parried the flaming sword. He could feel the intense heat blasting against his forehead as his father tried to overpower him with flames and strength. Trying to find a way out of this predicament, Rorik kicked his dad in the knee and swung his sword as his father stumbled back.


Rorik’s blade was cut in two as Bryce’s sudden shift in stance and subsequent attack caught him off guard.

Mikhail struggled against the relentless chunks of earth that were launched at him by one of Bryce’s companions. He began using magic barriers as a defense, but they were slowly sapping his magic energy as each barrier took more and more damage.

Knowing that this fight was as good as lost if he kept this up, Mikhail dashed forward unexpectedly and grabbed his opponent by the throat with his left hand and put his right hand over his opponent’s chest.

“DIE!” Mikhail shouted as he hit his opponent point-blank with a huge burst of light magic.

The officer was blown back and crashed into a market stall. Mikhail peered into the cloud of dust, trying to see whether the officer had survived or not. He saw a figure stand up in the cloud and walk out. The officer had a huge hole in their uniform, but the skin under it was almost undamaged.

Kyra’s spear flared to life as she pumped her fire magic into it. The woman in front of her charged forward, but instead of using a weapon, the officer used her fists.

Kyra blocked the first punch with the shaft of her spear and dodged the second, but the third found it’s mark. Kyra’s vision swam as her head was rocked by the impact. She quickly regained her senses and attacked with her spear. Opening a shallow cut along the officer’s torso that hissed and crackled as the red-hot blade singed their flesh.

Kyra used the officer’s moment of pain to sweep their legs out from under them, only to find that the officer wasn’t there when she kicked. She felt a sudden impact to the back of her head that sent her flying.

Rorik threw away the broken blade as he called his magic and fired a bolt of lightning that caught his father off-guard. The bolt impacted Bryce’s chest and pushed him backwards. Rorik drew a pistol and shot the sword out of his father’s hand.

“You’re holding back!” His father roared as he shot a blast of fire at Rorik.

Rorik dashed to the side and fired another shot aimed at his father’s outstretched arm. The bullet missed by half an inch as Bryce shifted to the side.

Bryce dashed forwards and threw a haymaker, Rorik blocked it and the two exchanged blow after blow. Rorik felt a deep heat start to surge within him, his magic surged to life as his fists were wreathed in light and lightning. His eyes began to glow bright orange.

Mikhail threw himself to the side as another earth blast soared his way. He clenched his teeth and leaped into the air and used his ultimate art. A swirling blast of dark magic shot towards the officer and imploded into a vortex of withering energy. Mikhail pushed himself a step further and unleashed a full-powered divine shower, pelting the earthen shield that the officer raised with the unstable power of light and dark.

Mikhail went into a fluid tempo of firing dark blasts and light beams at the officer. His power slowly grew as he felt his power surge. he was a blur of light, dark, and something else…

Kyra called upon her second mind for the first time in awhile as she rolled to face her foe. she threw her spear, which exploded in a blaze of fire. She empowered the flames using wind magic turning it into an inferno of ash and flames that burned and smothered the officer. She dashed forwards and hit the officer with a flurry of wind enhanced punches. The officer was launched back as the final haymaker sent them flying.

Kyra unleashed her power onto the officer, fire and wind burned and battered the officer as they desperately tried to dodge the burning onslaught. Kyra’s power slowly grew as she found a power in the deep recesses of her mind that she had never felt before.

Rorik’s entire body burst into flames as he called upon his third and final mind to blast his foe away.

Mikhail summoned a wind magic circle, calling upon his third mind to pull the oxygen from his foe’s lungs, slowly suffocating them.

Water flowed down Kyra’s arms as she called upon her third mind to blast the burning officer with water. Both sparing them and knocking them out with the impact.

Rorik ran towards the fallen form of his father. Crouching down, he uncorked a potion of healing.

“What… Are you doing?” His father wheezed.

“Helping a man that deserves it.” Rorik said as he stabilized his father and his allies did the same to their enemies.

“You’ve awakened all three of your minds… When you left home… You didn’t even have one. Moreover, you’ve found a cause that you can fight wholeheartedly for. I’m proud of you, son.” Bryce smiled as he closed his eyes, falling into unconsciousness.

Rorik picked up his father and carried him to the clinic.

Saburan docks 4:00 PM
“Hey… You okay?” Kyra asked Rorik

Rorik sighed, “Yeah… It’s just a bit hard, you know? Fighting the people that raised you, the people that you used to look up to. By the way, I sensed something interesting when I was carrying my dad to the clinic… I’m gonna go check it out, you guys go ahead to mainland. I can buy a sailboat, I’ll catch up in a few weeks at most.”

Mikhail looked like he was going to argue, but Kyra put her hand on his shoulder and shook her head.

“If you don’t arrive within two weeks after we do… We’re coming after you, understand?” Kyra warned.

Rorik laughed, “Yeah yeah, I’ll be there before you know it.”


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