Crimson Origins, chapter three

“So… This is the Borealis” Rorik said as he looked around.

There were many stalls manned by merchants and pirates alike. Selling everything from seashells to illegal weapons, the Borealis market was truly a smuggler’s paradise. Not really knowing what to do next, Rorik made his way to the bar.

…And was immediately attacked by a drunk pirate

“GAH! What the fuck?!” Rorik shouted in outrage.

“You hic don’t belong here schlummie” the pirate slurred “Now I’m gonna schow you whut hic we think of the AG 'round here.”

The pirate threw another punch which Rorik easily dodged. He threw a punch at the pirate in retaliation, knocking the bastard out in one hit. Rorik then stole the little shit’s wallet, because why not?

“Very nice show there, Rorik” A man said as he walked up to Rorik

“Thanks… Who are you?”

“My name is Averill, and that wasted pirate that you decked is one of my crew. I recognised you from the wanted posters” Averill shook his head. “Can I ask a favour? I’d like you and one other guy I just spoke with to knock out the rest of my drunken crew so that I can drag them aboard before we set off to Judgement isle for training. I’ll pay you, of course.”

Rorik’s expression brightened at the prospect of easy money “Of course! Now, where is my partner in this job?”

Averill gestured to a dark haired man wearing black and purple wizard robes. “This is Mikhail, he was looking for work and I just so happened to have some for him. The pirates you need to knock out are dressed in yellow uniforms and are swaying slightly from their intoxication. They need to be knocked out in the next thirty minutes while I take care of some other business. Good luck!”

Rorik walked over to Mikhail and shook his hand. “So… I’m guessing you’re a wizard of some kind?”

“Aye, I use darkness magic. I can sense that you’re a wizard yourself. Though, you seem to focus more on physical strength.” Mikhail chuckled. “You sure pissed off a lot of people when you killed that highborn fool.”

“Who?” Rorik asked, confused.

“You don’t know? Well, I’ll explain later. For now, lets get to work” Mikhail said as he blasted a drunken pirate with shadows

Rorik raised his fists to block as a nearby pirate threw a punch. Mikhail blasted another away before hitting another pirate with a sucker punch to the gut. The duo ducked as one of the pirates started blasting them with water.

“I’ll get the wizard, you keep me covered and take out the fighters.” Mikhail strategized

“Got it” Rorik answered as he hit one of the pirates with a haymaker, knocking them out and launching them into one of their buddies. He then focused his energy into a magic circle and shot a lightning bolt at the one still left standing.

Meanwhile, Mikhail was clashing with the water wizard. Mikhail’s darkness and the pirate’s water clashed in the bar, knocking over tables and shattering windows. Mikhail pushed out one last burst of energy that overcame the pirate’s magic and blasted them into a wall.

Rorik looked around, there were three drunken pirates left standing. One of them pulled a gun.

“LOOK OUT!” Rorik yelled as he pushed Mikhail aside and blocked the shot with a barrier of condensed lightning. Before pulling out his own pistol and shooting the pirate in the leg, dropping them.

Mikhail ran towards the last two pirates with reckless abandon. When he reached the two pirates, he unleashed his power in an explosion of dark energy. One of the pirates dropped then and there, while the other had their head slammed into a nearby table, courtesy of Rorik.

“Jesus Christ.” Averill said as he looked at his beaten and battered crew. “How the hell are they still alive?”

“Good question, now, about our payment.” Rorik said, quickly changing the subject.

“Right, I’ve bought two sailboats for you guys. Use them however you will.” Averill said as he had his non-drunken crew haul the unconscious pirates onto the frigate.

“…Well now what?” Rorik asked

Mikhail grinned “I was planning on trying to awaken my second mind. You’re more than welcome to join me, we did make one hell of a team back there after all. We could awaken our second minds together!”

“That sounds like a great idea… But what about after that? I don’t want to drift through the seven seas taking odd jobs. I want to have a purpose, some sort of goal to work towards.” Rorik said.

Mikhail’s face took on a thoughtful look. “Well… The AG is definitely gonna be a problem. Ever since you killed that idiotic noble”

“Huh!?” Rorik exclaimed

“Yeah, that ‘admiral’ you killed was the son of one of the stronger admirals in the AG. The kid was given the admiral title when he enlisted. Supposedly he took a crew of soldiers to the first sea to rout pirates and keep the waters safe from attack-.”

“Yeah. He didn’t do that.” Rorik interrupted. “He tried to extort Doom village under the guise of collecting taxes. That is when I killed him.”

“Corrupt as always…”

Mikhail’s face suddenly lit up.

“Say… That could be our purpose! Sailing the seven seas and causing grief for the AG! We’ll train to become super powerful wizards and destroy tyrannical rulers everywhere!” Mikahail exclaimed with a goofy grin on his face

“Now THAT is a purpose I can get behind. But first, I need a change of clothes. Wearing the uniform of the AG will only cause problems down the line.” Rorik said, walking towards an armour salesman. “I’ll meet you at the docks.”


Averill captain of the year