Cringe thread?

chat there should be a thread for cringey images :pray::pray:

who made this :sob::sob:

Someone send the person who made this back to the sharkpocalypse and dump them as far from land as possible.

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The urge to just jump into this image armed with a minigun so I can mow everyone to pieces is so powerful

Probably the cringiest thing I found in my gallery.

this is how i dance ngl

ahh dreads ahh dreads

You ARENโ€™T safeโ€ฆ

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what are you going on about, that guy be schmooving

oh, and the dude at the back too, heโ€™s pretty good

I have so many questions

-Why do you have that in your gallery to even begin with

-How come the person (or tiny creature) in the picture looks so unfazed by the fact that they transformed into that

-How did shitler even end up in a toilet with only his head sticking out the bowel

I think it was from a cringe compilation.

I am not that person, but I guess it is a mental skill issue.

In soviet russia, the toilet pisses in you :cold_face::cold_face: