Cringe thread

im not sorry



you cringe because you’re a meta

I cringe because I want to

we are not the same


No I genuinely enjoy using it.

WE are the same

I am?!

wind is actually fun i agree 100%
i like putting on magic size and throwing people in the air with a placed shockwave explosion

no not really because it’s fun ( it is fun tho ), i automatically use wind in most game ( unless wind is extremely suck a$$ in those games ) even before i know anything about meta
i just simp for wind

That’s a legitimate grindset

You say this about wind and water and no-one bats an eye.
You say this about shadow or lightning and everyone loses their minds.

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You cannot call me a meta user as I am the self proclaimed worst AO player of all time



you are cringe for both meta and for enjoying it

you are cringe for being a third party

American Politics in a nutshell:

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i use iron because its fucking awesome dnc

Actually, we are the same. Because I agree. I just enjoy how it plays and the idea.

your crimes no know boundries

I agree

everyone in this thread excluding me has received an execution warning

you will all be shot tomorrow at dawn