Cringy Oblivious Wizard Comic - Made in August

Have you ever met a player so dumb, and innocent and smartless about the game before?

That’s how this Comic was born.

Note : As you can see by the title this was WAAAAAYYY back in August. It’s really old, the style sucks and it doesn’t have an official one. This was just me practicing panels and shit. Honestly I think I spent more time on my characters outfit then anything else in this 4 panel comic.

Oh yea also @Noto is in this because why not.

Maybe make a series out of it after my Waifu Series? Except it’d be better.



This is a quarter of the community wtf

their names are probably aaron or ace


Without stupidity

We wouldn’t have as much comedy


true lmao

What do you mean?
That’s the entire point of LSS’s series, Juniper being a dumb quirky gamer girl.

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No trust me. Ace has 0 brain cells.

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are they named aaron and ace tho that’s the question

pretty sure everyone was dumb af when they first started AA. ngl most of us was wayy dumber than juniper first time we played AA

They are named b o t h at the same time.

ace does work as a surname so…

It’s Ace and Aaron. It’s an abomination.


were gonna see a lot of ace aaron and aaron ace in ao when we can pick our last names

aarav. aarav calding. aarav calding with pink hair, dark skin, orange half cut jacket, and blue shorts.

Hehe. It me.

It you.
When you we’re not old.

Not old? ;))