Critical inventory Glitch

What were you doing before bug occurred:
I log on the game as usual and my inventory seems to be broken, half or more of my items do not appear as if i didnt owned them the general balance and the total items seem to be freezed on “loading”. It isnt the icon bug it goes further like if i did not had that item(s)
when i try to sort them and then go back to normal it shows my that my balance is 6,000 crowns. This seemed weird af for me since my normal balance is 19k. when i go on my alt and check my main acc inventory it shows the items that i own and my normal inventory, i changed servers but nothing seems to change

Steps to reproduce:
*1. enter to the game
2. check my inventory
3. It appears like this

4. If i sort it and unsort it it goes to a weird value

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game):


*I decided to log on my alt account , join my main and check my inventory , i get to the surprize that other players see my full inventory on a normal way *

If i did any spelling mistakes forgive me, english isnt my native. Also if you need more pics/vids just tell me and ill do it

**Update on the case **
welp, looks like the file itself was broken i tested it on the 2 versions of roblox and it didn’t work ended up creating a second file and moving all my stuff there.

This has actually happened to me too. The only thing I see are all kinds of amulets, and probably weapons. I cannot see armor, pants or headwear at all.

I’m wondering what causes this, and when it might get fixed (if it’s a ROBLOX issue or something vetex has to fix for AO)

How about we all just not play the game in general. There’s too much data problems happening here

Sounds like a good idea, honestly. Also the game is dry out of content, with the discord being the usual mess it is, and the forums being ridiculously stale, only thing worth checking is the trello (yes the wiki doesn’t exist for not being official).

Anyways, I’ve already taken the initiative. I’m starting to lower my activity a lot (except for now because this entire guild bug happened) so don’t expect to see me often. Unless a thread is serious i’ll just log in and probably keep the regular status up in a passive way (logging in and liking some posts, i already have like a bunch of the other things for it), or just give up on keeping it.

The thing is that it isnt only the icons, the items itself doesn’t appear as if i didn’t owned it

I feel like the reason for this is similar to that of the recent Guild issues.


This error has been fixed in AO, but I’m not sure if theres anything you can do about it right now. If you try out every sorting method and reset after each time you change it it might fix it, but I’m not positive


Ight, ill try tomorrow and ill edit the post or somethin

this has been happening recently for a while, I used to just scroll to the item i wanted. If you need the image of your items for any reason login to your main on the microsoft store version of roblox and open your inventory

I used to do that but the problem is that the item doesn’t appear like if i didn’t owned it

The thing still happening, i guess ill begin a new file :confused:

well you could wait till AO and get your items but your choice

Eh, i left all my cosmetics collections there, i just moved the seasonals, the amulets and stats items and the bossdrops

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