Cry of Honor

I really like the lore with Winterveil. Arkusius Keep makes it better.

Unfinished imbue animation


“This doesnt look unfinished” Well um its supposed to have colors but uh I gave up halfway since it was difficult. Some lighting didnt align well, which is why there are no particles on the sword. Wait, is it a sword? Idk, I made this two months ago.


naww what neviro art???

gotta finish the animation :eyes:

Words cant explain how much i love this piece of art! Im looking forward to your amazing work

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man how does one even animate?

the eye closed with a blood splatter over the top half side of their face is PEAKKK IT’S PEAK I LOVE IT ANYTIME I SEE IT

did you have any specific reference for neviro? love his pose too, pretty underated character

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I do! Since his hair has that spesific curl on the side… I usually took superman hair as reference. And boy howdy, does it suits him

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ahh i see that hair model has been around for so long I used it when i was younger on one of my old accounts from 2012 :sob: it’s classic for sure

no words :sob:

why neviro, the lamest one?(bro doesn’t actually do anything)

Well uh… as you can see in the description thing, I like the little lore with the fallen kingdom of Winterveil. And with Neviro, the Lame Heir, I had no choice but to put him here since he’s the only(?) one left from Winterveil.

It would be pretty nice if he actually does something cool in the future tho

He probably will do something, I really doubt he’ll stay useless forever. Maybe not directly interacting in the story, but possibly far in the story npcs mention that Ravenna has a new ruler and if you go back to Ravenna then Neviro is ruling Idk

Neviro is so cool

Unfortunately he dies in the 3rd sea during the fight with Major Tilly, Lion of New Ravenna