Crystal - Representing Visions


This one is probably my favorite out of the ones you posted.


crystal is definitely my favorite starter in terms of looks and im sure many agree :D!
i definitely saw it as the most mysterious starter though since i really like to look up the spiritual meanings of many stones and what it gives off, crystals have such a variety, i cant just choose ONE variation…thats hard!

It would’ve been funny if you had a steven universe character in place of the wizard

The shine is awesome! Amazing work as always!

shiny crystals, inside the crystal caverns

Yooooo, crystal with brim

Bro I never learnt how to make a neon effect in drawings. I’ve been defeated.

yoooo. just look at the sweet shine

i love the cave this is so pretty

Cave is pretty, and crystals look pretty and hoo man strikes a pose

B-but there’s a giant bread bun behind the girl! How come?!?!

i-i-i dont know legendary… i really dont…

Oh uh um good to know.

boy i sure thought i was seeing visions with the body proportions in this picture

guess it’ll take some time to get used to like explosion and glass

Ooo, green crystals. Ya’ know what that means?

Emerald Splash

no one can just defrect the emeareld sprash|

next on, i make a really shitty dub of jojo with super racist and heavy accents.

I hate you system

I sense that the system’ll be sent to Brazil very soon…