Cured Items

Cured Items
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Instead of Virtuous not being added onto Atlantean items, it will instead become a new enchant when applied: Cured. This removes the insanity, but it doesn’t do anything else, so no warding and defense. You still get the atlantean cosmetic change and the bonus stat, but without the insanity

I figured, the game doesn’t prevent you from putting fire magic on Sailor’s fist or water into thermo fist, it just creates a neutralized scald effect, so why not do the same for items?

ok so tell me.
what would be the point of this lol.

it is literally a downgrade from just using an exotic enchantment scroll and not having the atlantean modifier.

I’d rather just have a way to clean modifiers off of items.

I thought this was gonna be about removing potion effects easily :sob:


at the end of the day itd be the exact same stats as not having the modifier and applying an exotic enchant on it so no point

itd be kinda interesting if it cleared the atlantean modifier entirely

wow it worked

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