Current Best Conjurer Build

As a conjurer who has not even reached General Argos yet or used a weapon above poor quality, I think I am qualified to make this post.

While the 150 magic / 100 weapons might seem good at first, that Aura spell isn’t gonna help you. Plus, it means you can only use 1 spell on an average/good tier weapon. 125 / 125 also isn’t good because you have 5 wasted points in magic that won’t be used at the current level cap. So here my proposed build:

120 magic / 130 weapons. Gives you just enough to unlock the snare spell for magic, and the 2nd set of abilities for weapons. Only downside here is that you’ll have to get to max level to unlock both of them

Or an alternative is 100 magic and 150 weapons since the snare skill isn’t really useful. The 10 extra in magic aren’t really used but you need them to be a conjurer at the current level cap. But anyways the 150 allows you to use some extra attacks from boss weapons but not all of them


this is what Selectorch uses. I would’ve used it too but I missclicked my magic points on my file :frowning:

Yo ty it helped me very much cause im conjurer and i didnt know how to do it i thought i just should do 50:50

Yea I naturally did 120/130 on my first file, without a doubt the most versatile build. Best can be debated.

100/150 is also good because elius boss drops have a 150 requirement for their second skill and i would rather have 3 extra skills than a snare spell that i never use



Yeah, don’t listen to anyone who says 120/130, it’s a horrible choice. I hardly EVER use snare for anything. If an enemy comes close, 9/10 im gonna use blast or some M1s to get them to back off

Why use snare when I can blast into primal slash


Me personally, I only use my magic for long range… but I chose ice magic so it doesn’t work out too well…

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I wish they re-added the 40% plus damage on ice :frowning:

If you put in 150 weapon and 100 magic will you not become warrior or berserker whatever it is?

Terrible guide, 150 magic 100 weapon is optimal

you will be a conjurer, you need over 60% in a stat to be a pure build

0.6 x 250(the amount of stat points at lvl 125) is 150, so you can go 150 in a build and still be a hybrid, but keep in mind this is at lvl 125. Dont go to your awakening quest at lvl 119 with 150 stat points, you will become a warrior because 0.6 x 238 is 142.

yep ill try remember thxs



Because of imbuement?