Current state of the entire forum (Including me)


Find a hobby or game to focus on other than AO. Personally been really enjoying Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, Bannerlord, Cyberpunk 2022, Hollow Knight, and Foxhole (most recent addiction).


i watched blitz play that a couple years ago, pretty neat game

I am broke and bored. Focusing on school and school activities works for me. Work out, Go on a walk, get a new hobby. Roblox is pretty dry so just expand your horizons.


AO is getting postponed to late 2024.
Clip this for when it happens.

The current state of Roblox is absolutely horrible, which is why so many people are hyped for AO in the first place.

An action-adventure naval RPG? That’s not anime-based? That’s not pay to win as all hell? That isn’t designed to generate as much Robux as possible from children???

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Child exploitation is pretty based actually, from a ro-dev standpoint.
Why bother not sucking money clean off the kiddies’ parents’ credit cards if there are no laws to stop you?


I would point out the error then it dawned on me: Yeah nah we’re playing cyberpunk beta at this point

I’ve been getting forum/ AO waiting burnout recently. Most people probably haven’t noticed my drop in activity since I’m still significantly active, but I’ve realized it

The Virgin Hobby Dev vs The Chad Shill Dev

But from a standpoint of the actual game, it fucking sucks and has no more gameplay than opening eggs and clicking on coins and waiting for your pets to mine the coins.

If you’re going to exploit children, you should at least do it with a game that has interesting gameplay (For both kids and everybody else).

i just need ao to release i need it to release so i can play it i just need to make it to ao release PLEASE i need to make it


I play World of Magic. i have goals and they must be completed

Silly you, the tedious. mind-numbing game play is an essential part of the exploitative practice. See, games that are hyper-repetitive and easy to learn are great for little kids. It gives them a cheap feeling of progress while not being difficult enough to frustrate them or make them lose interest. That’s how you get the little brats to keep chucking in money into your game.

Of course, there are other things involved in this, like getting a ro-tuber to play your game, generally using as bright a colour palette as possible, or adding tons of flashy buttons to make blowing away money as easy as possible, but the nature of the game itself is what keeps the kiddies playing.

ngl until i looked at the calender just now i still thought it was june, ao is feek like next week

For real after 2020 it feels like God put our world on Double Speed mode. 2021 breezed by ridiculously fast.


Yep and it sucks balls

i’m gonna hold off until AO release with splatoon 3 (when it releases) and ultrakill

I’m grinding on WoM