Curse Discussion of Sameria Kingdom

Wondering What the all the curses of the Sameria Kingdom are. We can make an educated guess that the Queen has the Solar curse or something of that sort, that was most likely passed down through generations. That doesn’t explain how the kingdom has a curse power rating of 3.5 stars. I’m assuming Hassan has a curse because he looks the oldest, was sent relatively alone, and was sent with Morden most likely for Hassan to help mentor him with his newfound power. I’m also assuming Akeem has a strong curse as well since it’s presumed he is the strongest out of the Empress’ generals and warriors.

From the eyes we can tell that Nilah and Akeem most likely hold the curses in the main group. There’s nothing saying they have none in a vault though.

I like to think that the queen has the “Sun” Curse, simillar to the Sun magic form arcane adventures:

Meanwhile the oldest guy might have a curse, I have no ideia wich he might have…