Cursed Custom Builds

Make cursed custom builds in like weapons and fs and name it
for example mine:
Brute Build

Unawakened mage with a fighting style (ice mage with sailor style for example)

mexico mage:

-deluxe sombrero/normal sombero
-fancy suit

:magma_magic: (sauce and meat)
:crystal_magic_var2: (vegetables)
:earth_magic_var4: (tortilla)

use with an agility build for maximum border patrol evasion

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You could honestly make that work (The brute build) if you focused on attack speed and AoE

But also, the AMERICAN build:

cannonfist warlord, all three guns in existence rn

focus on attack speed and AoE so you can bomb the shit (exploding cannonballs) out of anyone you’re facing and then hit them with 4 different guns (dual pistols count as 2) and all their moves