Cursed WoMents/Arcane Oddities

Bro was sick and tired of waiting for a Storyline update and already gone onto killing the 3rd high lord in the vimir sea

visual glitch, bounty board can list levels way above the cap for both players and npcs
been around since 1.13 i believe
opposite can also happen, the other day my rival was being listed as level 62 despite being 209

Can’t wait for there to be a npc who is visually on the leaderboard level 34,789


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“task failed successfully”
He broke it open, but not the door

what will happen to magma, though? I mean, it’s a hot magic, meaning it can’t go underwater cannonically, but it also makes the obsidian
maybe it would make it AND pass through? kinda doubt it though

maybe if it hit a water surface, it create a platform but if you cast it while underwater it goes like normal?

or maybe you have to turn the waterproofing on and off idk, if its anything like imbuement it shouldnt be too inconvenient

No one tell him that people with clans can recruit people with similar beliefs to each other, the concept of politics will break this man

Also the last couple sentences read like a grammar-butchered ChatGPT excerpt

It probably makes the platform if it hits (unless its a beam, then it would make the platform AND still go under) and gains the ability to be used underwater.


sameria’s once in a life time rain

b-b-but you can use both arm and leg animations for basic combat

the footprint just hanging off the edge:

guys am I famous then

so with my BASIC ASS FISTS with NO METAL AURA even though I would be using IRON LEG?
You buffoon, you absolute imbecile, do you regret saying that yet? Because you should. The words you just uttered are quite possibly the least intelligent to ever be uttered from the mouths of man. Your idiocracy would make Socrates cry. Because how did you not realize;
that’s just fucking basic combat?


You were kinda late

the bad kind of famous

that always happens to me