Cutscene bug

i am stuck at level 100 cus im stuck in cutscene and dont know what am i supposed to do.Can anybody help?

You forgot to get kenton so now you’re in jail for all of eternity.

it’s getting fixed in the next patch, it’s probably going to release later today or maybe tomorrow, depends on your time zone

you don’t have kenton, so you have no chances of escape. That’s why this happened

Like what everyone else said…
No Kenton?
No Escape.

imagine not having kenton by this point in the story

help i stuck too T_T

no kenton?


next update it will be fixed
you get softlocked if you doont have kenton

when is next update…

soon :tm:

I’ve completed this part 5 times on 5 files without Kenton and I can safely say Iris is just holding you hostage until she finds out who made the “discharge” public message


Soon :tm:

Nah you’re just waiting on Kenton, he got his cape stuck on the ship.

If it still doesn’t work in the new version try contacting a mod supervisor via the discord.

ok thank you


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