Cutting magic corners

So, we are going to get access to 8 spell slots. that means we are going to have to cut corners and remove spells to make room for new ones. (we are going to assume mage)

right now there are 6 base spells and 3 rare spells

Swaps and keeps

Leap is a must have on at least one magic so that leaves 7 slots left (8 if you put on second but either way you have to cut corners there too)

Beam and Blast are both good but might need to get swapped if something better appears (perhaps blast swaps for javelin as they have similar cooldowns, beam is likely going to stay unless some really good option is better than it) (5 slots remain)

Aura is a unique spell that buffs you or your magic which most people would want (4 slots remain)

Snare is a powerful tool and good of you are approached and the only magic grab (3 slots remain)

Pulsar and surge are both just good spells (1 slot remains)

Now you have to pick explosion or javelin, or swap another slot. I would pick explosion since it is better off in more situations (and you have second magic)

Already we have to pick what to lose out on just imagine more spells at your disposal

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remember that the goal is to make it so that everyone is running a different spell loadout eventually, so the fact that you’re already making decisions is a good thing

Sentence one of your magics to becoming the bidoof of your build


The good thing about being a mage is that all the less cool lower level abilities that aren’t pretty much essential can simply be sent over to the 2nd and 3rd magic. That way I can still have a wide variety of spells while also having the best ones with my main magic.


bidoof is the goat of pokemon there is nothing bad about bidoof so that magic would be the best magic in your arsenal

the solution is to play hybrid so you don’t have to worry about having too many options


What we want is enough spells so that we need to cut corners, which as long as most of them are balanced would lead to a giant variety in abilities which is what AO should be known for. There’s already realistically thousands upon thousands of ways to customise your build despite some of them being less noticeable, and just giving more spell options will make the variety more noticeable.

Basic spells are good enough to defeat mages of this era.

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Unironically true

i dont do competitive pokemon, what does bidoof do?

Bidoof is typically used as a “TM slave” so that players don’t use up slots for moves on their other pokemon

from my knowledge, snare works only one time per 5-6 uses

wind users: you need snare to keep your opponent away from you?

it’s now actually somewhat reliable compared to when the game first entered early access
probably because vetex made it scale with size affinities and stuff

When more spells come out, specifically lost spells- I plan to replace my entire kit (Maybe except leap) with lost and rare spells… Basic spells wont be needed no more… (Maybe beam is needed too…)

I am keeping snare. No one is forcing me to remove my “nuh uh” incorporated into a spell.

What if there is another grab? (i love snare too)

I will think about it, then. If its as “nuh uh” as snare then I will use it.

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i have to keep my ultimate art mini micro blast in case the enemy glitches out or i manage to escape their aggro range. then i can charge it up and hit them with the