Cyber's Buying/selling tarvern

Cyber's Buying/selling tarvern
convenience 0.0 0 fairness 0.0 0 trustworthiness 0.0 0

Cyber’s selling/purchasing Tavern

3x arcsphere (normal,plain level 110)
2x arcanium bracelets (max)
1x of each Pauldron (max)
1x of every fair amulet (max)

100 apples and 100 fish (get some regen in dark sea)
50x gems,and 100 bottles. (for leveling up ur jewelcrafting)
a lot of weapons that (might be boss drops)
a lot of rare scrolls (E.g: strong,hard,swift,bursting)

Buying,a sunken sword,cerynx set (i will offer,or you’ll give me a price or a deal)

I have sword and cerynx amulet+faulds

Me need the armor piece and faulds

how much?

offer ig

5k galleons

I dont need money anymore

do you have ship parts?


I need ds

oh no,my laptop’s gonna run outta battery, bye for now. (seeya in 10 hours)


ig 10 hours is 7pm for me so ok bec im in school rn



HECK YEAH,Theres a charger at starbucks

In the airport…

ok soooo


Why da hell does this country not let me use the game!!!