Daily Dose of Dev Updates (its not daily lmao get trolled)

First look at co-captains and crew stuff.

finally, some people to sing sea shanties with
oh also the scenery looks cool


“Daily” huh?

lmao no

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They should sing sea shanties…


Idk if this is a coincidence but I suggested a companion that was a member of the grand navy, and we got a deserter

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Fan Art inbound. When will it come?

A daily dosage is necessary but it takes too much time to create the ‘dev updates’ for it to be possible for everybody.
Unfortunately, this has led to numerous wars involving hoarding all of the ‘dev updates’ to keep small groups alive while everybody else succumb to their ailments.


hes literally called the deserter why did Vetex pick him

I hope npc crewmates are customizable cuz you know I’ll be rockin this

the gui looks smooth

also the environment looks lit

this is so cute



Neckbeards like stuff like that, and I immediately assumed that you are one.

What no

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