Damaging Atlanteans through walls has been added back!

Thank fuck.

Having to basically hold the Atlantean’s hand and coax them out as they pathetically tried to even exit the tower so you could start to fight them was really annoying. It was like a cat in a paper bag freaking the fuck out, but they still couldn’t get out.

And if your attack size was too big, you couldn’t even damage them even though you could see them literally right there. I think the line of sight damage is tied to their heads, because even with their entire torso and down visible, I couldn’t blast them.

Unless AI gets to the point where they can actually pathfind out of a building, this shouldn’t be changed again.

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It is worse that it isn’t just the wall blocking the attack that makes them take not damage, it is the fact that they can’t see you that makes them be unharmed by the explosion coming from a spear that is embedded in their chest

Not to mention that they are still perfectly capable of hitting you through walls. At least make it work both ways


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